Council building & planning in Melbourne have extensive permit requirements that need to be followed and of which can be frustrating. Clients can entrust Home Renovations Melbourne to advise on the many regulatory “hoops” that need to be jumped through including all costs, times lines, complications’ and work arounds where and if possible.


Plans and Drawings

The plans and drawings will provide detailed information for the designers, builders and other tradespeople. The plans will show all of the information such as dimensions, locations of doors, windows, stairs, fixtures, fittings and any fixed joinery items.

Building Permits

Home Renovations Melbourne will map out client’s ideas and create appropriate plans and drawings that support all building permit applications.

Council Planning Requirements

Planning may or may not be required for renovation. Home Renovations Melbourne will advise on whether it is required including time frames and fees.

Planning Overlay Requirements

The Victoria State Government provides the ordinance of policies, clauses and maps that depict where the various zones and overlays apply within a planning scheme area. Home Renovations Melbourne guides clients with ease through this complex process.

Report and Consent Permits

Report & consent permit requirements typically from the Victorian building standards are many and varied. These include but are not limited to street and side setbacks, site coverage, walls on boundaries, over shadowing and daylight to existing windows. Where required Home Renovations Melbourne will apply for these permits on your behalf.

Building Over Easement

Various water services in your area must give their consent for any structure that is to be built over, or close to any of their underground assets or easements. Clients can allow Home Renovations Melbourne to apply for these permits on their behalf.

Structural Engineering

The work of a structural engineer is diverse. Home Renovations Melbourne contract various engineers for property builds, renovations or when they need advice related to the structure of a building.


Victoria has high levels of bushfire risk. A Bushfire Management Statement (BMS) is required to inform The Victoria State Government of any application to construct a dwelling, other construction types and land-use changes. Home Renovations Melbourne will apply on a client’s behalf.

Soil Testing

Clients can allow Home Renovations Melbourne to have a soil test for the building site. The report will assess the soil conditions and classifications, allowing the provision of footing recommendations at the design stage.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


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